S2 E11-12 “Cody Gains a Namesake” & “Differences are Put Slightly Aside”

Welcome to the finale of Welcome to You Are Doom: A Frisky Dingo Podcast. Bryan, along with Graham “Vibe” Mason, Matt “Super Dupont” Dykes, bring you gently into the end of this series with the penultimate episode “Cody Gains a Namesake” and the show finale “Differences are Put Slightly Aside.” Jump right in and enjoy such antics as Valerie shooting Sinn, the monster ant baby named Cody 2, and the arrival of Killface’s alien brethren. Enjoy!


Welcome to You Are Doom is part of the ATH Network of podcasts. 

Produced by
Bryan Dressel and Jonathan Hardesty.

Hosted by
Bryan Dressel with co-hosts Graham Mason and Matt Dykes

Artwork by
Jonathan Hardesty

Notes and research by
Jim Funicille

Edited By
Bryan Dressel, Ryan James, and Trey Johnson

Original music by
Evan Michael Brown visit www.evbro.com for more

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