A Venture Bros Finale… For Now




Bryan “Scare Bear” Dressel
Graham “Not Nick” Mason
Matt “Smurfs Lay Eggs”  Dykes
Brok “Toaster Face” Holiday


The terrible episode order to season 1, that we spent an entire episode restacking after we reviewed the season… that order is below:

01 – Careers in Science
02 – Dia de Los Dangerous
03 – The Incredible Mr Brisby
04 – Eeney Meeney Miney Magic
05 – Are You There God Its me Dean
06 – Tag Sale – You’re It
07 – Ghosts of the Sargasso
08 – Mid-Life Chrysalis
09 – Ice Station – Impossible
10 – Home Insecurity
11 – Past Tense
12 – The Trial of the Monarch
13 – Return to Spider-Skull Island

Spanakopita recording, re-recording and three-recording.

Matt – How he came to the podcast and the ATH Network.

Brok – How he became part of the podcast. Even though Bryan is weird about rats.



Favorite Moment – Not today Rusty, Not today… Favorite moment for the story, the way its told, and its one of the few “good dad” moments he has. You baby burped on your speed suit, these things are 90% polyester you can clean a little fear vomit with a wet nap.

Favorite Pop Culture Reference – 6 million dollar man – Steve Summers in love with Sasquatch

Funniest Moment – Season 7 ep 2, Red death killing the whole room, “room is secure” How long do we have till the regain consciousness… um…

Favorite Quote – Red Dragoon “We haven’t been outside in 30 years, I’m old and I’m afraid of everything. I’m afraid the streets are over run with teenage gangs! Teenagers are CRUEL and will undoubtedly taunt us, because our trousers are not in style anymore.

Favorite Character – Shelia (Dr Girlfriend, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, Lady Au Pair)

Favorite Actor – Christopher McCulloch

Most Venture Bro-y moment (as in a moment or joke that wouldn’t work anywhere else) – Colonel Gentlemen – Yawn’s Here’s something, Rodney killed a baby once.


Favorite Moment – Sock/movie ticket moment with Red Death/21 and Midnight Movie Massacre retold by Red Death

Favorite Pop Culture Reference – Acid Burn and Zero Cool (Hackers) “The Venture Bros. & The Curse of the Haunted Problem”

Funniest Moment – Arrears in Science “wrap-up” by Sgt. Hatred and Dean

Favorite Quote – “Arrears in Science:”

  • H – Hey, what’s the haps?
  • D – Dr. O held a seance to un-haunt our house. And then Pop found Grandpa in the P.R.O.B.lem light
  • H – Woah was his corpse all rotten and stuff?
  • D – No he was still alive.
  • H – What?! I want to go meet Grandpa!
  • D – It’s only his head though
  • H – Okay that gives me pause. Still, Zombie Grandpa Head!
  • Sgt. H – It ain’t safe Hank, your Grandpa thought he was your house and tried to up and runaway with all of us inside.
  • D – And then blue robot came down from the sky in his magic car and made Grandpa stop. And these guys are all mad at blue robot because…
  • H – Okay, okay, stop…that’s kind of a lot.

Favorite Character – Red Death

Favorite Actor – Christopher McCulloch

Most Venture Bro-y moment (as in a moment or joke that wouldn’t work anywhere else) – “Arrears in Science” – “wrap-up” by Sgt. Hatred and Dean


Favourite Moment – The bit in A Party For Tarzan where Dr Mrs The Monarch fires the bullet at Rusty. The way it is shot, the slow motion with the voice over, it’s such a beautiful sequence and has serious suspense in the build up to her shooting the rifle.

Favourite Pop Culture Moment – The Rusty Venture cartoon opening being a Jonny Quest knock off and then ending in “Sponsored by Smoking” which I’m sure is a slight reference to how cigarette adverts were in old shows and you even had The Flintstones advertising smoking

Funniest moment – Red Death in Dummy Corp, “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Oh hi! The room is secure.” “How long do we have until they regain consciousness?” “Uhhhhhh…”

Favourite quote – “READY THE ACID MAGNET!”

Favourite character – I have to pick one?! I’ll narrow it down to three, The Monarch, Red Death and Hunter

Favourite actor – Christopher McCulloch, the number of characters he voices and they all have such a different sound to them. Hank, The Monarch, Henry Killinger, Hunter Gathers, Dr Z, Hell even the Grand Galactic Inquisitor!

Most Venture Bro-y moment – The clone army being slaughtered by The Monarch’s Deathshead Panoply, the combination of the ridiculousness of the design of the Deathshead Panoply alongside the clone army being cut down and Dean’s shriek and saying “Why do I feel like I’m the one who is dying?” I can’t imagine any other series doing that.


Favorite Moment – Season 2 opening, Everybody’s Free

Favorite Pop Culture Reference – Jonas Venture Sr. being used to out the horrible racism of the old James Bond movies

Funniest Moment – Naked Brock in Victor Echo November, “To prey on their fear, move like an animal, feel the kill.”

Favorite Quote – “Smurfs lay eggs.”

Favorite Character – Brock

Favorite Actor – James Urbaniak

Most Venture Bro-y Moment – Rusty cleaning the walking eye to steal arches away from Dr. O.


For the episodes that sort of exist outside of the seasons, we counted them as follows when considering the season.

Terrible Turtle – Season 1
A Very Venture Christmas – Season 1
From The Ladle To The Grave: The Shallow Gravy Story – Season 4
A Very Venture Halloween – Season 5
All This and Gargantua II – Season 6

(from bottom > top)
Bryan – 5, 1, 6, 2, 7, 4, 3
Graham – 1, 2, 5, 4, 3, 6, 7
Matt – 1, 5, 2, 4, 3, 6, 7
Brok – 1, 7, 3, 5, 6, 4, 2



5 – S2 final Showdown at Cremation Creek 
4 – S3 e2The Doctor is Sin
3 – S4 Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel the story telling, THE STORY TELLING 
2 – S5 What Color is Your Clean Suit
1 – S6 E0 All This and Gargantua II 


5 – P.R.O.M.
4 – Cremation Creek
3 – Family that Slays
2 – All This and Gargantua-2
1 – Morphic Trilogy 


5 – The Bellicose Proxy (September 9, 2018) – everything in this episode hits all the right notes, the training sequences are fantastic and the scenes with The Monarch are excellent.
4 – Red Means Stop (March 20, 2016) – introduces Red Death
3 – All This And Gargantua-2 (January 19, 2015) – An amazing episode, it feels like a film in how epic in scope it is
2 – Everybody Comes To Hank’s (October 3, 2010) – such a cool concept and I love the Film Noir elements, the hat is amazing!!
1 – Escape To The House Of Mummies Part II (July 16, 2006) – batshit crazy


5 – Escape from the house to mummies part 2
4 – Any Which Way But Zeus
3 –  20 Years to Midnight
2 – Showdown at Cremation Creek Part 1 and 2
1 – Victor Echo November

Part V

When we started this show a few years ago, I was legit worried that we wouldn’t have the following to continue with the entire series. As we went on more and more people listened, and it became the most fun show I’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. I know I said it in the episode, but just once more for good luck!

A huge thank you to the following people

Nick & Graham, without you two this show wouldn’t have happened. It was a joy getting to chat about this show with my friends every week.

Matt, without you Graham and I would have been lost. Thanks so much for jumping in whenever we needed you.

Brok’s notes were the fuel that kept this whole engine running. Week after week we appeared smarter than we ever were, and you made that possible.

Jon for posting each and every episode, writing our descriptions, finding art work, making our logos, EVERYTHING that makes us look good.

Bradley Parsons for our theme music

The biggest of big thanks to the main men themselves Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer who created this unbelievable, perfect show.

Last and most importantly, thanks to all the fans and listeners! We will see you in Season 8!

Until then… GO TEAM VENTURE!

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