Pandemic Picks: Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit was already the best YouTube channel, but forcing our favorite test kitchen chefs to work with what they’ve got in their own kitchen has both upped their creativity and their charm.

If, for some insane reason you weren’t already on the Bon Appetit train, the popular food publication has found new life by letting camera crews into its test kitchen and turning its staff of chefs into TV personalities. Because they were already writers, turning their kitchen experiments into easily accessible recipes for home cooks, it was a perfect marriage of old and new media, leading to charming series such as “Gourmet Makes,” in which Claire Saffitz attempts to recreate mass produced snack and candy, “It’s Alive with Brad Leone,” which follows the titular chef as he does fermentation experiments and learns where his food comes from, and other amazing regular programs.

Although the test kitchen is shut down and their home city of New York is being ravaged by COVID-19, Bon Appetit has, as they did when they created their channel, embraced change and chaos to bring us comfort food for both our tums and our souls. The chefs did an intro video, showcasing their respective home kitchens, rental kitchens, or parents’ kitchens where they will be continuing to keep us entertained and well-fed. They followed up this week with their morning coffee routine. These videos have made me cry, not because they are particularly emotional, but because of how normal they still manage to feel, even when everything is so not normal.

If you’re looking for a smile, check out this latest At Home series… or any of their videos. You’ll find a chef that fits your personality or tickles your funny bone, and, even better, you may discover a new, easy-to-assemble home recipe to try.

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