An Easter Egg Musicapalooza!

A Spotify playlist about album easter eggs!

Remember those hidden tracks on your favorite albums? The ones you had to seek out at the end of the last song, wading through minutes of silence before you can find them? Well, thanks to Spotify you don’t have to do that anymore because they’re their own tracks. So, in the spirit of Easter weekend we thought it would be fun to make a playlist of songs that were Easter Eggs on their respective albums. Get ready for our longest playlist yet!


A Musicapalooza about album easter eggs!




The Tracklist!

1. Computer Rock – Beck
2. Shangri-La (Outro) – Grandaddy
3. Endless, Nameless – Nirvana
4. Her Majesty (Remastered) – The Beatles
5. The Middle (Demo Version) – Jimmy Eat World
6. Your House (Hidden Track) – Alanis Morissette
7. Bill Murray – Gorillaz, A Band of Bees
8. Such Great Heights (John Tejada Remix) – The Postal Service
9. Shoplifter (Non-Album Track) – Green Day
10. World Wide Woman – Beyonce
11. Anyway (Mellow Version) – Dynamite Hack
12. Presence – Justice
13. Everything Now (Todo Ya) – Arcade Fire
14. 21:13 – Coheed Cambria
15. Physical (You’re So) – Nine Inch Nails
16. Mr. E’s Beautiful Blues – Eels
17. Request + Line / Empire Strikes Black – The Black Eyed Peas
18. Nobody’s Hero / Livin’ On A Prayer (Demo) – Bon Jovi
19. My Immortal (Band Version) – Evanescence
20. Release – Pearl Jam
21. The Freshman – Brian Vander Ark
22. Arto – System of a Down
23. Urami Bushi + Hidden Track “Black Mamba” – Meiko Kaji
24. 9027 KM – OK Go
25. All By Myself – Green Day


Miss the old songs? Fear not! They can be found below!





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