A Winchester Musicapalooza!

A Spotify playlist inspired by the movie Winchester!

This week sees the release of Winchester, starring Helen Mirren and Jason Clarke. To celebrate this fun thriller we thought it would be interesting to make a playlist featuring songs about guns. Turns out there’s quite a lot of songs to choose from, and all of them awesome. We’ve got tunes from Nancy Sinatra, Billy Idol, Jack White, Pixies, Pearl Jam, The Beatles, and more. Bang bang!

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Episode #221 – Bad Movie Battle!

This week it’s good to be bad as we battle for the title of “Best Bad Movie.” We’re joined by special guest and judge extraordinaire Amberlee Mucha, who does an expert job at pronouncing judgement on our questionable movie-watching choices. It’s an epic battle for some epically bad movies so don’t waste another minute and get to listening to this week’s episode!



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