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The Fate We Make Ep. 6: Terminator: Dark Fate

This week on another exciting chapter of “The Fate We Make” Bryan Dressel, Matt “Zombie Dog Roomba” Dykes, Joel “DJ Roomba” DeWitte, and Ryan “Rosie” Lootens come together once again to discuss ‘Terminator: Dark Fate,’ the worst sequel with perhaps the best ideas. There’s also a prolonged introduction where the Binge Buddies attempt to figure out Aziz Ansari’s name, and all the Americans in the cast learn about the verb hoovering.


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Pandemic Picks: The Martian

Ridley Scott was shot into the mainstream with his 1979 Sci-Fi thriller Alien, he cemented his position as a visionary director of Science Fiction with 1982’s Blade Runner and then he moved onto other genres. In 2012 he returned to Sci-Fi with the mediocre Prometheus, audiences felt like he had lost his touch when it came to Sci-Fi. Thankfully he proved everyone wrong with the exceptional 2015 Sci-Fi drama The Martian.

Based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Andy Weir, The Martian follows astronaut Mark Watney as he tries to survive alone on Mars after he is accidentally left behind when his fellow astronauts perform an emergency evacuation of the planet during a storm. The film has a lot of elements to it that make it such a wonderful film, the acting is superb and the characters themselves are deep and believable. The realism in the film is interesting because everything feels like it is something that not only could exist, but will exist in 2035. The realism is due to the fact that the filmmakers consulted NASA in the elements of space travel and Mars.

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