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The Other Voices: The Babadook

I had no idea what THE BABADOOK would be about when I put it on. The impression I had from the Internet was that it was about a gay dinner guest in a jaunty hat. This was definitely a film where that lack of knowledge was helpful in making me very scared.

THE BABADOOK, an Australian film by Jennifer Kent, is about grief. It’s pretty easy to suss that out, which I like, because I can get really annoyed at films that have this allegory so complex that you need a PhD in Pre-post-colonial literature (an actual class I took in grad school) in order to understand them. Yes, I have a graduate degree in English. I have studied literature. I have been an academic. And I really hate having to use my degree to understand shit. Make your story deep and beautiful and artsy, sure, but make sure that at the end of the day, I can see what the central argument or point of the film actually is. Otherwise, what are we doing here.

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RERUN – Ep #103 – The Babadook

We’re still in hiatus this week so we thought it would be interesting to go back to our episode on THE BABADOOK, one of the best horror films of the last decade. Chewie was here to help us dissect what makes this movie so dang great, as was friend of the show Hunter and newcomer Donnacha. It’s worth noting that we had Donnacha call in over the internet, so his audio quality is a little low. Apologies in advance. It’s the Babadook’s fault.

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