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Corona Cartoons: The Pagemaster

This week on Corona Cartoons Bryan is joined by Alex Orona from Super GG Radio and friend Katherine Cliff to discuss the the Macaulay Culkin movie The Pagemaster. If you’ve ever seen those posters in the library with celebrities that say “READ,” this movie is essentially that. Come for the Macaulay Culkin trivia, stay for the fun animated film that has a love for film and that really wants kids to read.

Note: Bryan also gives some updates about the show at the top of the episode and what to expect before the upcoming Frisky Dingo season.



Star Trek Picard: What Do We Know?

It’s still a couple of months away, but the hype for Star Trek: Picard is in full swing. At the 2019 Destination Star Trek, I was lucky enough to attend the Patrick Stewart talk and in that he discussed a few things to expect from the new series. For more on my experience at Destination Star Trek see my article here.

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Destination Star Trek: My Experience Going Premium


Last year, I attended my first Star Trek convention in Birmingham and I had an amazing time. I met the stars who-until then-I had only seen through the glass barrier that we call television. They were all so friendly and at the end of the convention I knew that I was going back, but I had decided that I needed to see what the more premium tickets were like.

Originally, I was considering the Admiral pass which costs a pricey £3,000 (which according to Google is currently worth $3851.02). After some deliberation , a trip to Los Angeles and another one coming next year I decided on the lower priced Captain’s pass which was only £800 ($1026.80). Only £800 he says- but compared to £3,000 it’s a significant reduction. So, was it worth it? What benefits did I get for the premium price? Well luckily for you I can tell you without it costing you £800.

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Episode #193 – Logan

After a fun month of ORIGINS episodes we’re back with new content AND A NEW HOST. We welcome Emily Blake ( @TheEmilyBlake on twitter) as the newest member of After The Hype. Say hi!


This week we talk about the final film of the Hugh Jackman Wolverine saga – LOGAN. We’re joined by special guests Elvis Kunesh and Jason Blagman, who give us insight on what worked and what didn’t. If you’ve invested even a tiny amount of time into Jackman’s Wolverine character, you’ll want to check out this fitting conclusion.



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