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RERUN Ep #147 – 4th of July Battle

This year we thought it would fun to celebrate patriotism and our independence by taking a look back at our 4th of July Movie Battle. In it, we put forth our defenses for movies like The Sandlot, Red Dawn (1984), The Great Escape, Dave, and The Burbs. We were joined by Elliot Campos and newcomer Brock Walters, who were an absolute delight and it was fun to go toe-to-toe with them like good Americans.

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Episode #145 – Independence Day

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and we feel fine…about Jeff Goldblum in INDEPENDENCE DAY! Well, some of us. *cough*Bryan*cough* We’re joined by Emily Blake from CHICKS WHO SCRIPT who is two for two on epic movie breakdowns. There’s a lot here so let’s get right to it. Welcome to EARF.

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