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A Hype To Remember: Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005)

All of us here at After The Hype love Star Wars, because… well… it’s STAR WARS!

In honor of Star Wars Day (May 4th) we will be releasing one “Hype to Remember” a day to cover all 8 of the released Star Wars films!  I’m back to talk about the dark chapter of the prequel trilogy, the one we all knew was coming. It’s…interesting.


I’ll admit, episodes one and two were huge bummers for me. Something was missing from both of them and at the time I couldn’t really articulate what that “thing” was. To confuse things even more, there were things I really liked in these films. It was (and to some extent still is) hard to reconcile the little bit of good that I latched onto versus the myriad of bad. This trailer kind of touches on that.


Watching this thing now, I’m fascinated by the speed at which everything unravels for the Republic and goes to complete shit. In that regard, the film makes good on the promise in the trailer. You can also see where Lucas is trying to weave the prequels to the original trilogy, and even in the advertisements it feels messy. Still, within the mess I can see the really good version of this. I can see what Lucas was trying to do and I actually kind of dig it.


I just wish more of these story beats had been earned. Anyway, this is an interesting mess of a trailer and I’d like to share that mess with you all today!

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