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A Musicapalooza About Jennifer!

Jennifer! Jen? Jenn! Jenny? Jenny-poo? Jen-Jen!

There’s just something about Jennifer, or Jen, or Jenny, or in some cases Jehnny. It’s an interesting name and pop culture certainly has THOUGHTS about it. We made a playlist featuring some of the best Jennifer songs and we hope it gives you a deeper insight into JENNIFER. In a way…we’re all Jennifer. Also, Jennifer Lawrence is in another movie and it looks wild.

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Clowning Around With The Musicapalooza!

You’ll float too with all these great songs!

We’ve got quite a diabolical Spotify playlist for you this week in celebration of the new take on Stephen King’s IT. You’ll quake and you’ll quiver, you’ll shake and you’ll shiver, and then feel a sense of extreme triumph as you murder the evil spider-clown-thing. And then you’ll go see the movie and it will be fine, I’m sure.

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Close Encounters of the Musicapalooza Kind!

You’ve seen a UFO and you’re confused. We understand and are here to help with a brand new Spotify Playlist!

We’ve got a wicked fun Spotify Playlist for you guys this week, inspired by the re-release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind. We recommend checking out the classic and then queuing up this playlist immediately after for maximum effect.

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A Terminator 2 Themed Musicapalooza!

Are you ready for the robot apocalypse? Prepare yourself by listening to this Terminator 2 Themed Playlist

This week’s Spotify playlist is inspired by the greatest film of all time: Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Get your ears ready for songs about robots and the mechanical uprising, from artists like R.E.M., Jet, Flight of the Conchords, The Flaming Lips, Daft Punk, and more!

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All of Our Old Musicapaloozas in One Place!

Want to listen to our past musicapaloozas? You’re in luck!

We’ve taken all our past Spotify Musicapaloozas and tossed them into a playlist for you to enjoy for all eternity, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask us! Just subscribe to the playlist below or listen in the browser at your leisure. We’ll keep adding our weekly playlists to it as long as Spotify allows, which means you’ll have days of music to listen to before too long.

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A Game of Thrones Musicapalooza!

A spotify playlist based on the deadly fantasy world of Game of Thrones!

We’re well on our way through Season Seven of Game of Thrones, so we thought it fitting to make a Spotify playlist based on the HBO hit show. We’ve got it all: music from Queen, Grateful Dead, Green Day, Kesha, and even Ed Sheeran. That’s right, haters, Ed Sheeran is now canon in the both the show AND our playlist.

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It’s A Secret Agent Musicapalooza!

Watch out, it’s a spotify playlist about spies and kick ass secret agents!

Atomic Blonde is out in theaters this weekend so we thought we’d celebrate the release with an action-packed, secret agent Spotify playlist featuring songs from Chris Cornell, Jack White, Alicia Keys, Florence + The Machine, Johnny Rivers, Kanye West, and more. It’s a pulse-pounding, eclectic playlist that will hopefully get you pumped for a life of espionage!

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Across the Universe, It’s Musicapalooza!

We’re exploring the final frontier with this week’s Musicapalooza Spotify Playlist!

To celebrate the release of Valerian this weekend, we’re blasting off into the great unknown that is SPACE. Well, that’s not entirely accurate. We’ve got a Spotify playlist, which is pretty much the same thing, yeah? Oh! We’ve also got this video of Tim Curry:



So put on those space-age headphones, find a nice corner of your spaceship, and check out the coolest music playlist this side of the galaxy!

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