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Star Wars, Apple, and Mario, Oh My!

What a weekend, am I right? Here’s some interesting news to come from the past few days. First up we’ve got news that more Star Wars movies ARE DEFINITELY HAPPENING. How exciting that news is largely up to how you feel after Rise of Skywalker. Next up, we’ve got Apple testing their noninvasive blood glucose technology, which I think is pretty neat. Wrapping things up we delve into the impressive box office numbers of everyone’s favorite video game plumber. It’s Mario. Mario wins the box office. That’s the tweet, or whatever.

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Vertigo, John Wick, and Plastic Bags?

A slow news weekend, but we pulled some highlights. We’ve got a blasphemous remake of Vertigo in the works with Robert Downey Jr. maybe set to star. Shazam loses yet again to the newly released John Wick 4. Finally, those recycled plastic bags you use in stores might not be recycled. There’s not really a good way to tell.

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