The End of Welcome To You Are Doom!

Welcome to the end of the podcast known as Welcome To You Are Doom. Bryan is joined by Graham “Evelyn” Mason, and Matt “Evelyn” Dykes. They spend the first ten minutes of this podcast talking about the horrible spin-off show that must not be named, then say a fond farewell to the series we all loved. Then a joyful hello to our next series!


Welcome to You Are Doom is part of the ATH Network of podcasts. 

Produced by
Bryan Dressel and Jonathan Hardesty.

Hosted by
Bryan Dressel with co-hosts Graham Mason and Matt Dykes

Artwork by
Jonathan Hardesty

Notes and research by
Jim Funicille

Edited By
Bryan Dressel, Ryan James, and Trey Johnson

Original music by
Evan Michael Brown visit for more

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