Episode #162 – Horror Remake Battle

Welcome to the HORROR MOVIE REMAKE BATTLE EPISODE! We’re joined by Sean Carney from our Sing Street episode as well as newcomer Justin Meyer to decide which horror remake reigns supreme. To keep things interesting we’ve made co-host Ryan our judge and he has been given the mighty responsibility of picking the winner. Which defense is the best? Listen and find out!


JUSTIN | Ten Thirty One Productions
SEAN | Sean Carney Music

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Episode #161 – The Blair Witch Project

Welcome to the final chapter in our month of LOW BUDGET HORROR REMAKES! We’re joined by Graham Mason and Evan Scott Russell to talk the found footage movie that started it all: THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Recoil in horror as we take you on a journey of diminished returns and a not-nearly-as-enjoyable experience as the first time we saw it in the theater.

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Episode #160 – The Evil Dead

Our month of LOW BUDGET HORROR continues this week with the Sam Raimi classic THE EVIL DEAD. We’re joined by guests Jaimie Sarchet and Phillip Kelley to talk about that iconic cabin in the woods and to take a small glimpse into the crazy conditions on set. There’s a lot here so click on that play button ASAP, or that download button on your podcast catcher and hop to it.



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Episode #159 – Paranormal Activity

Welcome LOW BUDGET HORROR month here at AFTER THE HYPE. We’ve got some episodes for you this month so stick around! This week we’re talking the Found Footage film PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, which really pushed the genre forward. Christopher Ortiz joins us yet again, and like always kills it during our breakdown. There’s a lot here so put down your pro-sumer camera and start listening!

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