Name That Movie For 12/04/17

A New Winner For The Month and A New Game This Week!

Special shoutout to Jeremy Goeckner winning the month of November and getting a high score of 34 points. An impressive film fan if we ever saw one! But with a new month comes a score reset, which means there’s a new opportunity to get all those sweet points in our challenging movie game. Think you know your movies? Put that knowledge to the test with these stills, and then head over to our leaderboards later in the week to see how you did.

Here are the rules!

1. First person to guess the correct movie gets 5 points, the second person to guess correctly gets 4 points, and everyone after gets 3 points. There’s no penalty for wrong guesses.


2. Submit answers by messaging our Facebook Page or by emailing us at You can answer in the comments below, but it’s visible for all to see and you might give away the answers!


3. Points will be tallied on the leaderboard at the end of the week and can be found HERE!


4. The rules will be revised and perfected over time, and we will honor the player should any dispute arise.

Let’s do this!

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A Disaster Artist Musicapalooza!

Oh hai Spotify Playlist!

So there’s this movie called The Room, see? It’s about the triumph of the human spirit amidst extreme adversity. It inspired a generation, and this weekend saw the release of James Franco’s take on what happened in front and behind the camera – The Disaster Artist. Inspired by this, we made a Spotify Playlist featuring what we consider to be the best music of all time. Let’s take a listen, shall we?

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