A Dystopian Musicapalooza!

Ready to get bummed out? Here’s some great music about dystopias!

This week our Spotify playlist gets its inspiration from Blade Runner 2049, or rather the dystopias that inspired it (and us)! So sit back and get ready for sonic bleakness that can’t be beat. We’ve got tracks from Justice, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Modest Mouse, Florence + The Machine, White Zombie, and more!

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Episode #205 – Romantic Horror Battle!

Happy October! Or should we say SPOOKtober? We kick off our month of horror with a battle of romantic horror films. Which film reigns supreme as the most horrific and the most romantic? We’ve got an amazing slew of movies to fight over so sit down, buckle up, and get ready for a frightfully awesome time. Special thanks to our guest Libby Ward for coming on our show!

FIND LIBBY ON TWITTER and pretty much anywhere else under “sneakyvarmint.”



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Name That Movie For 10/02/17

New Month means a new chance to win!

Special Congrats to Quint Jenkins for winning September’s Tip of My Brain. A new achievement banner has been generated in our leaderboards and we’ve reset the scores for the new month. So put your movie knowledge to the test and impress your friends with this fun and challenging game!

Here are the rules!

1. First person to guess the correct movie gets 5 points, the second person to guess correctly gets 4 points, and everyone after gets 3 points. There’s no penalty for wrong guesses.


2. Submit answers by messaging our Facebook Page or by emailing us at athpodcast@gmail.com. You can answer in the comments below, but it’s visible for all to see and you might give away the answers!


3. Points will be tallied on the leaderboard at the end of the week and can be found HERE!


4. The rules will be revised and perfected over time, and we will honor the player should any dispute arise.

Let’s do this!

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